More Mail

Thanks everyone for your recent comments.  It seems that Belen’s response to one of our recent posts is generating some good discussion.

Here is the original comment from Belen:

It’s not the first time a US company sent business elsewhere. They have been doing it for years; why is it a surprise now? The US has lots of red tape and the cost of doing business is high; not to mention workers compensation cases and other policies involved, including sexual harassment.  Employees do not want to work more than they have to and most people are not willing to go the extra mile for their employers, so what can they do? They go where people want to work and are willing to go the extra mile for half of the wages.

And the responses:

Sean: This is not the first time that a US company has sent their operation elsewhere but the problem is that they still keep their business in the US. Can you see the difference Belen? Real estate agents, brokers, sellers and buyers of homes in California think that when they buy services from First American Corporation, they are buying services from a corporation operating in America. I am really happy that someone is bringing awareness to the real estate community about which country is benefiting with the jobs when they order services from First American Corporation or I should say First Indian Corporation?

Jacob: Coincidentally when the unemployment in California is high, the real estate market goes down, or is no coincidence. First American/First Indian Corporation is contributing to the Indian economy through job creation while benefiting from our California real estate business. Legal maybe, fair Oh NO!