No doubt you saw the news from the Fed Chief, Ben Bernanke who just told Congress that the Fed feels the economic outlook is uncertain, and he has no clear plans to do anything about it.  Whoa!!

Hey Mr. Federal Reserve Chairman, it seems fairly obvious to me there is something that we as real estate professionals can do that WILL make a difference – buy American made products and keep jobs in this country! That’s because people without jobs don’t buy homes!

It’s not that hard to buy American, but it does take effort. And your clients and prospects will respect you more for doing this and give you their listings.

It’s not terrifically tough.  The next time you buy a real estate industry product, or service like escrow, title insurance; home warranty or a natural hazards disclosure report – read the label. I bet you can find a USA-researched and produced RE product or service made right here in the states – even in California!

And that my friends, is how we can do something that the Fed can’t – make it our policy to shop and buy American!