For Labor Day, Take The Pledge & Save American Jobs!

It’s obvious isn’t it? People Without Jobs Don’t Buy Homes in California!

So here’s an idea, and if you like it, please help me spread the word. Forward this email to 10 friends and business associates. Ask them to do the same.

“In honor of Labor Day, I pledge to spend one week buying only American-made products and services!”

That’s it!  Because when we buy goods and services made here, jobs stay here. And everyone in the real estate industry knows, if you don’t have a job, you can’t buy a home.

You have a right to know where every product or service comes from. There’s a small stamp on everything you buy that says where that item was made, such as “Made in the USA” or “Hecho en Mexico.” Since there is no stamp on services like title, home warranties or NHD, just ask them; you have the right to know. Are you referring or supporting companies that create jobs in India, Philippines or other countries?

So let’s all take the pledge, and as an industry work together to restore the California Real Estate Market by buying American-made products and services.

There are many real estate companies, service providers and resources right here in California, and our patronage can help them save and create jobs – People with jobs in California buy homes in California. Let’s get this started today and tell our friends and associates, “I took the pledge!”

Watch this video and see how folks at First American’s owned First Indian Corporation celebrate!