Real Estate Agents Getting Graded Online – What’s Your Score?

Did you know that home sellers (and the competition) can now keep track of an agent’s sales track record online?

A new feature of the brokerage site Redfin is giving sellers access to data about the performance of real estate agents in markets across the country, including California.

By providing sales data linked to individual agents, Redfin’s “Scouting Report” says it can help sellers find “knowledgeable and successful agents” working in their area. But while this new service might be good for more established agents, what about agents just getting their start or looking to move into a new area?

In markets that Scout Report covers, sellers can search for agents by name and see their current listings as well as see:
• how many homes the agent has sold in the last three years, or in the past year in some cases;
• where the homes the agent has sold are located on a map;
• photos of the homes;
• the median sales price;
• and the average number of price cuts for each property and other details.

But by keeping track of sales data, is Redfin encouraging unscrupulous agents to sell for whatever price they can get to keep their numbers high? A good agent works to get the best deal for their buyer. Since this site tracks total sales and average number of price cuts, isn’t it encouraging agents to price low to get it sold?

RE-Insider is curious how accurate the data is for this free service and how useful it might be for agents and homeowners. We encourage agents to check out their profiles and let us know.