California AG Strikes Out at Fannie, Freddie and FHFA Seeking Foreclosure Hiatus

California AG Kamala Harris remains one of the most active and vocal opponents of the two biggest mortgage titans and has, once again, called them out and asked for some time to evaluate the advantages of principal reductions to mortgage loans.

Harris sent a letter asking for a suspension of foreclosures on loans controlled by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In the letter, Harris asked the regulator of the government-controlled mortgage titans to halt foreclosures in California until the agency has completed a “thorough, transparent analysis of whether principal reduction is in the best interests of struggling homeowners as well as taxpayers.”

Harris has also called on Edward DeMarco, the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency that regulates Fannie and Freddie, to step down, accusing him of not doing enough for borrowers.

Harris’ request for a foreclosure pause comes on the heels of a multistate mortgage settlement that will require the nation’s largest mortgage servicers to reduce principal for certain borrowers. California has secured $12 billion in principal reduction and short sales from those banks, but Fannie and Freddie are not part of that deal.

Harris’ office sees the two giants as key to getting the housing market back on track, estimating that more than 60% of outstanding loans in the Golden State are controlled by them. But DeMarco has resisted principal reductions, which is the writing-down of mortgages of borrowers, arguing that the results of those reductions are not worth the costs.