TV to Launch This Year

In most industries, technology has helped to build, expand and enhance efficiencies for customers and businesses alike. Now there may be a new technology that may be a game-changer for home buyers and agents – TV.

The Channel promises to be the first video listing guide for house-hunters that can be accessed virtually anywhere – on a TV screen, computer or mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone.

Move Inc. and RealBizMedia are launching the Channel during the second half of 2012. It will be available on the Cox cable network initially and will reach about 55 million U.S. homes.

Features will include:
• Real-time content from over 850 MLSs from around the country
• Targeted home searching in any desired area
• Up-to-date listings (more than 85% are updated every 15 minutes)
• Videos of the interior and exterior
• All free and available 24 hours a day

Agents can pay to have their ads geo-targeted at specific buyers, and any agent can be contacted with a few clicks, eliminating hassles for the buyer and allowing agents to be found and contacted instantly. If agents are willing to pay more, their listing will appear above the rest.

The companies behind the new channel claim it will benefit both home-buyers and agents. But if prospective buyers can gather this much information on their own, do you think it will benefit or harm the agent’s business?

  • Quinn Helms

    I think it’s just a matter of time before this technology spreads and then there’s really no need for agents. They will get passed by for brokers or some other replacements since the hardest part of the job won’t need to be done anymore.

  • Agent_Julie

    No, agents will always be necessary in this process, they don’t just find houses for people to look at. They are actually very useful.

  • HaydenD TV will be an excellent resource for all agents, and because the MLS’s are supplying the information on the houses and properties for sale, the agents are already getting an increase in exposure just for being associated with a particular home, property or building. It takes some of the trivial work away from agents by narrowing the buyer pool down to people who have already researched and have “seen” the house and then only the really interested buyers will contact the agent. This will help RE agents tremendously!!

  • Victor Holmes

    It’ll be good for agents and homebuyers to be able to use their mobile device and look at houses as a supplement to the information the agent could supply them. I wish this was around when my cousins were looking to buy their house in my area!