Gas Pipeline Disclosure – California’s New “Megan’s Law”

We’ve talked at length about AB 1511 – the new bill making its way through the California state assembly that aims to include gas pipeline and hazardous liquid disclosures as a part of the mandatory filings in all real estate transactions.

It was clear to everyone that after the disaster that occurred in San Bruno, something had to be done.

On May 8th, the legislation took a dramatic new turn that makes the proposed legislation more acceptable to everyone, and seems to be modeled very much after Megan’s Law.

Under the most recent amendments, the legislation proposes that a “consumer-friendly” disclosure notice at the time of sale of a home or real property is sent to every buyer.

The seller or broker is NOT required to provide any additional information.

The notice would provide an online link to a database in the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) website, which is managed by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Material Administration (PHMA) within the Department of Transportation.

This database reflects information submitted by all pipeline operators. The website features a map viewer and a database of contact information for gas, utilities and pipeline operators.

When RE-Insider sampled real estate agents for their take on AB 1511, the result was an overwhelming opposition to the old bill. Could our sample of voters have helped change the minds of legislators? We hope so.

How do you feel about this bill? Is it improved and helpful? Or do you feel ultimately it’s one more task for agents to be responsible for?