MLS Screams Stop Using Our Data!, the real estate agent ranking website, is drawing the ire of the MLS community for listing top performing agents.

The site claims that it uses a proprietary formula to rank agents based on information pulled from MLS sites. But some MLS are claiming that what NeighborCity posts is inaccurate, incomplete and based on copyright-protected information.

The issue at stake is the ranking of real estate agents in each zip code. The site ranks agents according to a proprietary formula that pulls data from multiple MLS and spits out a score.

The problem is, NeighborCity won’t tell anyone how they rank the agents, and some agents, who believe that they are poorly graded, are crying foul at the mystery formula.

This isn’t the first time that NeighborCity has drawn the ire of real estate agents. Early this year, two MLS filed copyright lawsuits against the website.

The earlier lawsuits allege that NeighborCity’s owner and operator, American Home Realty Network Inc., reproduced, displayed and distributed copyrighted listing content, including photographs, without the MLSs’ authorization.

These ranking errors seem to rely on past data and make it even harder for new agents to break into the market. Is this a new way of freezing out some agents?

Have you seen the new agent rankings on NeighborCity? Do you believe that your score is accurate and fair? Or are you also frustrated with this “secret formula?”

  • Hilary

    So frustrated by this! It is a completely arbitrary and subjective way to rank agents. 

  • Harry B

    If there are multiple MLS complaining, then you know there is something wrong. Who made NeighborCity in charge of rankings? Careers are on the line with these servies

  • Kathleend99

    Terrible web site – shut it down. They have outside agents from Santa Rosa  as “top producers” in San Rafael – hilarious to me but serious consumer “fraud” in my opinion. All the top ones are from Santa Rosa – Santa Rosa is NoT in the same county as San Rafael. I have no patience – these types of sites will be history, social media will make them extinct – these sites are for old people who use dial tone telephones- sorry but true.

  • Briggs

    This is an absolute joke!! I am a Boston RE agent and they have the #1 guy as someone i’ve never heard of. the #1 sales agent in the whole city isn’t even ranked. My rank is laughable. I’m not top #20, but i’m in the top percentile for sure. Thanks for the heads up on this. I will do a blog post soon on my website

  • Web Net

    Neighborcity promotes Dual Agency by sending referrals to listing agents directly. I listed a property in the MLS and on the same day, neighborcity sent me a referral buyer to purchase my listing. They send blind referrals in hopes to collect 30% referral fees. They are promoting dual agency while claiming its what their against.

    If they truly cared for the buyer they would refer the buyer to an agent who is not affiliated with the listing brokerage of the property the buyer is interested. No Dual Agency! No neighborcity!