The Lighter Side of Real Estate – Really Good Looking Agent Edition

Most real estate agents know the importance of presenting themselves as successful, charming and even good-looking professionals. But one agent in Canada took this to the next level on an advertisement.

Take a good look at the picture of Realty Windsor agent Rick Rose below. Does that look like a guy that you’d love to have sell your home?

Now, I don’t know Rick Rose, but I am reasonably certain that he is not the man in that picture. And while I can’t vouch for the success of this specific advertising tactic, I am willing to be that he received a few more phone calls from sellers (probably mostly the women) in his area.

It’s obviously important in the residential real estate market to differentiate yourself from all the other agents out there. Rick Rose chose to do it by being really really ridiculously good-looking.

Would you call this man back?