Voices of the Industry – Marissa Melton, RE/MAX

Q1. Where do you think the housing market is headed in 2013?
I’m cautiously optimistic for 2013. We’re starting to see trending in the right direction in a lot of key metrics, but as we learned over the last few years, it’s important to understand that real estate is no longer guaranteed to appreciate.

Q2. Where, if at all, do you feel the industry will see the most growth in the coming year?
I think luxury homes will be the first domino to fall, and then single family homes. Starter homes will be that last milestone because lending standards have become so stiff.

Q3. What has changed in the last few years in your relationship with lenders?
Not much has changed, except it’s harder to get a loan. If you can qualify, you’ll be okay. If not, good luck.

Q4. What is the biggest struggle for real estate agents today?
It’s been tough on agents to educate themselves. The good agents seek out counsel from industry organizations, brokers, experienced agents and settlement service providers. Take what they say with a grain of salt however.

Q5. What is the best thing about working in the real estate industry today?
There are plenty of good real estate people out there. Some buyers/sellers assume that the industry is full of corruption – I would caution people away from assuming that a few bad apples represent the large majority of professionals that do things the right way.