What do 200 Threatened and Endangered CA Species Mean to Your Business?

New York Times reporter Michael Wines recently revealed the backlog of 1400 candidates being considered for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Some species have been awaiting a decision for over 20 years, while others have actually gone extinct during the process. Buckle your seat belts because California is going to be affected.

The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service intends to clear this backlog of pending decisions by 2018. California currently has a total of 155 species listed for protection and 52 pending species up for consideration. Most decisions are in favor of protection, and if these pending species are approved a 30% increase in California endangered species will affect home owners, builders, and brokers, agents, buyers, sellers – in short everyone.

The locations of these potential 52 new species include the Lake Tahoe and Yosemite areas but also include the more populated areas of San Fernando, Palm Springs, and San Bernardino. For more information about currently listed species being protected in California click here to see a map http://biologicaldiversity.com/programs/biodiversity/species_agreement/map.html

These potential new species listings in California will likely be met with reactions in the real estate community. When building near endangered species, developers and builders face delays brought on by federal permits and will need to show their projects won’t adversely affect those species.
Home owners also face similar challenges if filing permits to expand their homes or even remodel them. Brokers and agents face challenges in providing their clients with more in-depth disclosure reports on the existence of these species near listed properties and disclosing potential restrictions for further developing those properties.
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