10 Buyer Turn-Offs Sellers Should Avoid

As RE professionals you’ve all seen houses that you hesitate showing clients, but do your sellers know the top ten buyer turn-offs? Help your sellers take care of these potential deal killers.

1. Dirt – Nothing will turn away buyers faster than a dirty home. Hire a cleaning service, or do it yourself, just make sure the house is as spotless as possible. It’s amazing what a little 409 can do.

2. Odors – Buyers start with their noses. It could be the right house for the buyer, but if it has a strange odor, chances are they’re walking. Don’t cook fried or greasy food, fish, while the house is on the market. Also, pet odors don’t make an abode feel homey. Eliminate all traces of pets and pet paraphernalia.

3. Old Fixtures – It’s a cheap and easy fix at your local Home Depot, and will do wonders rejuvenating the house, old fixtures make a house look old and used. Better to give it that extra push and really get the buyer interested.

4. Wallpaper – NO WALLPAPER. This isn’t the 70’s, it’s tacky and passé. A fresh coat of paint is your best friend.

5. Popcorn acoustic ceilings – Again, what was once highly regarded by buyers in the 60’s and 70’s now dates the home and can greatly detract from buyer interest. If the removal of the popcorn acoustic is too cumbersome or costly, be ready to knock a couple thousand off the asking price.

6. Too many personal items – You want the house to feel move in ready, not like someone is already moved in. Buyers may feel uncomfortable consciously aware they are walking through a stranger’s home.

7. Snoopy sellers – Let the buyer feel their way around, no need to dig into their personal life histories. Keep the conversation light, friendly, and professional, and don’t greet them at the door.

8. Misrepresenting your home – Never advertise something that isn’t true. If you have to stand on the roof to have a view, don’t say house with a view. Find applicable, honest, and sale-worthy features to represent your home on the market.

9. Poor curb appeal – The front door to the public, the curb speaks volumes about the home itself. It is typically the first thing buyers will see, so spend the $40-$50 dollars to have the number repainted and get rid of any weeds or detracting features in the front of the home.

10. Clutter – The only thing worse than too many personal items in the house is having too much clutter. Closets should be half empty, with nothing on the floor. Why? Because it gives the buyer a sense that there is room to grow.

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