Support Settlement Services Companies that Aren’t Taking Away American Jobs

Would you be surprised to know that many settlement services are processed overseas? As with any industry, these companies outsource to cut costs of doing business, but in doing so they take away jobs from American citizens. If American made products and American jobs matter to you, we advocate choosing settlement service providers that actually produce their products in the United States.

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As we’ve posted in our “Take The Pledge” campaign, when we buy goods and services made here, jobs stay here. And as we in the real estate industry know, if you don’t have a job, you can’t buy a home.

According to an April 2013 Gallup poll, “Forty-five percent of Americans say they recently made a special effort to buy products made in the United States.” Gallop continues to say, “The most common reasons for “buying American” were to support the U.S. or to be patriotic, and to keep or create jobs in the country.” Still, Gallop cites that fifty-four percent of individuals have not made an attempt to “buy American.”

Translated into the real estate world, consumers and real estate agents could help bolster the economy and employment rate in the country if they were to use settlement services companies that do not have overseas operations. Since many of the major settlement companies do outsource, it would behoove all of us to inquire about a real estate related company’s outsourcing policies before choosing to do business with them.

It is imperative that we educate the consumer about the ins and outs of the real estate market. The chance to stop overseas operations and help create jobs within our country is truly up to us.

There are many real estate companies, service providers and resources in California and our patronage can help them save and create jobs. People with jobs in California buy homes in California.

Do you know if the settlement services companies you use are outsourcers? Let us know!