Will Tigers in Malibu Affect Real Estate Sales?

Why would anyone allow five tigers to be placed in Malibu? The County of Ventura has recently reviewed a permit that would allow five tigers to be kept in the residential neighborhood of Deer Creek Canyon and given a preliminary “go ahead” unless sufficient opposition is produced by August 26. Many of the residents believe that the county is blind to the disaster waiting to happen.

The owner of the property, Irene Hauser, is ready to bring the tigers in right away. Earlier this week, CBS broke the news and uncovered tiger cages already on the property.

There has been a lot of coverage about this during the past few days. The Malibu Patch and the Huffington Post have made some good points about the potential danger to residents if tigers are kept in a residential area.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

But nobody is asking what having tigers in the neighborhood could do to home values! As real estate professionals imagine having to disclose that there are tigers in close proximity to properties that might be up for sale?

Tigers are a serious threat; in the past two decades, large cats kept in urban environments have caused 20 deaths and 244 injuries, and these numbers will only go up if a tiger happens to escape its enclosure in Malibu. Their roars are enough to frighten horses on neighboring ranches. Their odor and waste will serve to drive down property value. Their cages will be an eyesore. The only people who can benefit from any of this are the owners of the tigers, who don’t even reside in the neighborhood.

The county is endangering the well being of their tax paying property owners. Read the actual pending county permit here: Ventura County CUP. Read the actual acknowledgement that this permit is for 5 tigers here: Ventura County Planning Negative Declaration.

What do you think? Should tigers be allowed in residential Malibu? Please share your thoughts with us on this controversial issue.