Helping Sellers Overcome their Fear of Moving

For every bad reason a seller gives for not leaving his or her home, there is an equally good reason why there is no better time to sell than right now. As real estate professionals we are trained to help people make the most educated decisions possible. Providing real estate solutions helps our potential clients accept change with the best possible results.

Take a closer look at a seller’s resolve to stay in their current home and you may discover he or she is hooked on these reasons to preserve the status quo; or the seller can’t overcome the stress that comes with the transaction. There are many bad reasons that distract sellers from moving: for instance, they may be too physically or financially comfortable to relocate. When home owners are hooked on bad reasons to stay, they may overlook the good reasons for selling and miss out on many levels.

Here are the top 5 reasons sellers choose not to sell their home:

Bad reason #1: “I can’t afford to move.”
Sellers who believe this are often confused by the difference between affordability and value. People who live in a condominium or house that meets their budget and needs have a great reason to stay. That’s the definition of living affordably. When a seller is barely getting by or has to make extreme lifestyle changes that make the home unaffordable, that take away from the value of home ownership. Falling behind this scenario is a bad reason to stay.

Bad reason #2: “I’m used to the area.”
Familiar places are disappearing and will continue to do so as development changes the face of community after community. Exploring new communities will enrich your life! Real estate professionals have access to the world through their brokerages and the Internet.

Bad reason #3: “There’s nowhere else I like as much as here!”
Sellers who make this statement have rarely gotten out and explored their own region or state. Real estate professionals make it their business to be sure you are aware of these options.

Bad reason #4: “I’ve no choice since I can’t afford the areas I really like.”
Real estate values recently have taken some dramatic shifts, and that’s a trend that will continue. Most sellers don’t know their home’s value or the housing costs in preferred neighborhoods. Local real estate professionals know all you have to do is ask! More properties have separate rental space that make moving up financially possible.

Bad reason #5: “They’ll take me out in a box.”
Staying in a home out of fear of losing control of your life or winding up in a retirement home is a bad reason to stay. There are housing options to explore such as reverse mortgages or communal living choices. This makes “waiting for the box” unappealing.
How do you respond to these reasons for not selling? We’d like to hear from you!

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