Do Homes Near Cemeteries Sell Well?

With Halloween here, we thought it would be interesting to highlight a recent survey by Redfin Real Estate Blog on whether homes near cemeteries sell for more or less than homes farther away from cemeteries. This survey examined the price of homes located less than 50 feet away from a cemetery and compared it to the price of homes located 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 yards away. The data is surprisingly spooky.


The numbers indicate that on average homes near cemeteries are smaller in size, but often sell for more per square foot. It was noted that homes closest to cemeteries sold for $162 dollars a square foot, while homes more than 500 yards away sold for $145 per square foot.

Like all situations that come with buying a home, there are pros and cons with living near a cemetery. The pros include the slim chance of future development, well maintained open space and very quiet neighbors. The cons would be that cemeteries give people an uneasy feeling and may not be an area where people would want to live.

The analysis also revealed that on average homes adjacent to cemeteries took longer to sell. Homes located less than 50 feet away took an average of 48 days to sell as opposed to those located 500 yards or more away, which took an average of 39 days to sell.

To see the top five cities with homes near cemeteries and read the full story click here: