7 Lies That Sabotage your Success as a Real Estate Agent

Human beings tend to be their own worst critics about work, personal and financial factors that may or may not be in our control. As a real estate agent these critiques can hinder our growth and get in the way of opportunities for personal success. The sneaky thing about subconscious, self-limiting beliefs is that we are unaware that it’s happening and in return are getting discouraged over and over again.

Since it’s a subconscious process you are unaware that you’re committing the act. Here are signs and signals that you are falling victim to the seven lies agents tend to tell themselves about success in the real estate game:

Lie #1: The belief that you can’t succeed

At one time or another you’ve probably believed that “I can’t succeed” in the real estate industry. If you believe that you can succeed, then you will. Telling yourself that you can’t succeed will become a self-fulfilling prophecy that only leads to negative results. By paying attention to your inner dialog you can change any thoughts of self-doubt to new empowering beliefs like: “I have all that it takes to succeed.”

Lie #2: “I don’t need to prospect; people should be sending me referrals”

If you are avoiding prospecting know that you are not alone and it’s not your fault. Many agents carry around self-limiting beliefs that oppose prospecting. It will only be after you change your thoughts on prospecting that you can move forward. You have to remember that this lie is just a belief, and beliefs can be changed.

Lie #3: “I need to put other people’s needs before my own”, which translates into “I need to accommodate to my clients’ schedules.”

When you put other people’s needs before your own you are giving into hidden self-limiting beliefs that other people are more important than you or you are responsible for other people’s feelings which is not the case. Be proactive and build your schedule around what needs to get done first. Other appointments will fall into place.

Lie #4: “If I am successful, I will pay a price”

Some of the reasons that people wrestle with their beliefs is because they may be out of touch with the fears of their subconscious mind. Look at the situation deeper you will realize that you’re blocking your success by sacrificing time with family and friends. Go through the process of mindset coaching and you can work smarter, not harder, creating a balanced professional and personal life.

Lie #5: “Everything I do has to be perfect”

Perfectionism can cause bumps in the road on your path to success. Worry about perfectionism causes procrastination, where you think about how you will complete tasks instead of just doing them. It also takes away from you being yourself as you are often worried about what others think of you. Accept that you are imperfect, just like other people and that will help your positive traits shine through and attract people to your strengths.

Lie #6: “There is never enough money”

Release the belief that there is never enough money, that will help you realize that money is actually everywhere to be made. Work hard at the job you have, doing what you love that will lead to mental and physical riches because hard work is always rewarded.

Lie #7: “The economy determines my success”

Falling victim to economic circumstances will keep you from growth as an agent. If you release this belief and create your own circumstances, success can be achieved in any economy.

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