Simple Acts of Kindness are the Ultimate Real Estate Career Boost

Usually during this time of year it is easy to notice people expressing gratitude for the blessings in their lives. Showing these feelings brings joy to others and in return puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good inside. How much better would life be if we expressed these feelings of gratitude on a daily basis?

Life’s most valuable lessons come when we least expect them, like when we’re staring a challenge directly in the eyes. It is times like these where we are least likely to give thanks for the lessons learned, even though we benefit in different ways from enduring a crisis.

If you expressed thanks for difficult clients or the trials and tribulations at work, could you more easily overcome life’s other challenges and adversities? The act of giving and the gratitude expressed make both people feel better. Practitioners of neurolinguistic programming refer to this feeling as “anchoring.”

Humans can anchor both positive and negative feelings in their bodies. The act of showing gratitude is anchored with a smile. Recall a situation where you expressed gratitude to someone else and how it made you feel. Usually life seems nice and easier when you do express gratitude. In contrast, challenging times filled with stress often leave us feeling heavy and overwhelmed. By expressing gratitude in these situations, neurolinguistic programming tells us we can actually shift our mood to a more positive state.

For example, if you are dealing with an angry client, instead of getting frustrated or angry yourself, sincerely thank them for pointing it out and bringing the matter to your attention. You may not agree with what the client said, but your gratitude will go a long way to smooth the situation. It may also surprise you with how much better you feel.

Participating in small acts of kindness each day illustrates the importance of giving back. Going through old clothing, the garage and other outdated or unused items are way of giving physically. If you are unable to identify anything to give away, the most valuable gift of all is your time. For example, you can read to a sick child or offer a ride to someone who cannot drive. There are many opportunities to give back on a daily basis; we just have to be aware of when the chance is presented to us.

Have you thanked your manager, or your title officer or loan officer for helping with all of the transactions you’ve closed? Taking these simple steps is actually the route to happiness. When focused on gratitude and giving back, these acts block out disappointment and lack of motivation.

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