Spending 10 Minutes a Day on Social Media Engages Clients and Builds a Following

The world of social media is a place where you can interact and engage in minutes with hundreds of people you have connected with throughout your life. Keeping up with new tech trends is an important step to developing business relationships but many agents feel they don’t have the time for social media.

It’s hard to think of another profession outside of real estate where you have to “always be on” and deal with a bunch of different issues from a wide range of clients on a daily basis. Time is a valuable commodity in this industry juggling all of the elements needed to keep clients happy.

Social Media for Real Estate Agents
Different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and others might seem overwhelming to take on all at once, but you don’t have to do all of them except for Facebook. After Google, Facebook is the most visited website in the world with more than 1.1 billion monthly users.

Other social networks are great for business, but if you’re just starting to incorporate social aspects in your business, Facebook is the place to be. Just 10 minutes a day is all that’s needed to become a social media all-star where you build and strengthen relationships while prospecting like a champ.

It may seem like it’s hard to find 10 minutes of downtime to add social media to a busy schedule, but think about all of the time during your day where you are waiting and what can be done in that short amount of time. Here are examples of how social media can be accomplished in 10 minutes:

1) In 3 minutes while you’re waiting to pick someone up, you can scan the social stream for leads. It’s a great way to prospect.
2) In 4 minutes while waiting for a client to arrive at an open house, you can engage with others by posting updates, commenting and liking posts. Think of it as a new form of interactive marketing.
3) In 1 minute standing in line at the grocery store you can respond to those who engaged with your updates. Responses build relationships.

As the end of 2013 gets closer and you’re mapping out next year’s plan, consider giving social media a chance if you’re not using it already. Starting with these small steps, in just one month you’ll probably have added 60 new friends, started 30 new conversations and participated in more than 150 different conversations.

Social media is not magic, just a tool that makes communicating with your existing book of business easier.

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