Top 10 RE-Insider Stories from 2013

As we look forward to the New Year we decided to look back on our most popular stories from 2013. Here are our top 10 stories as measured by number of views and comments.


Wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous 2014!

1) Fidelity Competes with California Agents for Listings and Home Sales!

2) Fidelity’s Disclosure Source Accuses Agent of Negligence for Relying on Disclosure Source’s Own NHD Report

3) Did Your Pocket Get Picked by a Fannie Mae Employee?

4) Is it a Boom or a Bubble?

5) Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Fidelity for TransactionPoint RESPA Violations

6) Failure to Disclose Cost a Seller $259,000: Are You Next?

7) Another California Resident Indicted in $5.3 Million Mortgage Fraud

8) Can CLUE Become an Agent’s Nightmare?

9) What’s More Valuable: the Land or the House?

10) Breaking News! Fidelity to Pay California $1.25 Million for Alleged TransactionPoint Kickbacks