Trulia Launches New Advertising Product for Real Estate Professionals

Hold onto your wallets agents as Trulia will be trying to reach into your pockets to buy their new advertising product. It appears that Trulia is no longer satisfied with re-distributing information readily available in the MLS database to consumers as they are now offering agents the opportunity to advertise themselves to potential home sellers, using a product it’s launching in February with its new subsidiary, Market Leader.

Selling the contact information of prospective homebuyers to real estate agents as buyer “leads” has long been the bread and butter of listing portals like Zillow, Trulia and

With this new service, consumers who are planning to sell their home visit Trulia’s seller portal to gather information and request a free home value estimate from agents. This is where Trulia Seller Ads enables agents to market directly to sellers with a free home value report.

In the past you may have come across companies offering a similar service via US mail where they receive post cards to go online to request a free home valuation report. Now the contact information and images of agents who buy “Trulia Seller Ads” will be included in the free home value report consumers get from the portal. Consumers then may contact one or more of the agents to get further advice on determining an asking price from a professional.

Trulia is betting that housing inventory will remain low in 2014 to entice agents to purchase the advertising product.

Tell us what you think of this new product. Are you likely to subscribe? We’d like to hear from you!