targeted in a Digital Attack

Dear Real Estate Community,

Recently, was targeted in a digital attack. Throughout the past week, we have been experiencing a series of rogue post attacks which have downgraded the performance of our webserver, creating connectivity issues for our readers as well as ourselves.

You may or may not have experienced issues accessing or viewing our website, but for those who have we apologize. You DO NOT need to fear the theft of personal information though (such as your username and password used for commenting), as this attack was solely intended to slow down or completely stop the viewing of our website.

While our attacker is still unknown, we are taking every measure to eliminate this threat. Currently, we have limited access to the website to three times per second per IP, but this approach has resulted in limited success. We are currently taking further measures to resolve this issue though, and will continue to be dedicated to providing you with the most current and imperative real estate news over the following days, weeks, months and years.

All of us at RE-Insider appreciate your viewership and engagement as a community, and thank you for your continued support throughout this period of turbulence.


Staff at