Are RE Agents Scooping up Leads while Walking Their Dogs?

We came across an interesting story about a marketing tactic being used by an agent in Henderson, Nevada, and thought we’d share it with you. If you, like many RE agents, live in an area where you actively look for listings you might consider using this approach yourself.

Rob Feldman thought he could drum up leads by canvassing his community. But there was a problem: The bylaws of his homeowner association in a senior community, Sun City Anthem, forbid solicitation.

Chloe poses in her marketing vest. Courtesy of Rob Feldman.

So, Feldman has enlisted his Airedale terrier, Chloe, as a marketing vehicle, strutting her around in a vest full of business cards to reel in dog-loving leads.

“Everybody loves to come to a dog and say, ‘What a cute dog.’ And then when they see the vest they say, ‘How interesting,’ and then I give them my card and my flier,” Feldman said.

Feldman, who is building a “senior adult communities and lifestyles” team for Realty One Group, has the community’s local sewing club to thank for Chloe’s eye-catching accessory.

Its members happily acquiesced when he asked if they’d be willing to construct the vest, which features neck and torso straps, embroidering of Realty One Group’s logo and Chloe’s name, and a pocket for marketing materials.

Feldman uses the strategy to promote open houses, but also during strolls he takes as a Neighborhood Watch representative. “Since I have to walk my dog and have to get my exercise what better way than to walk my dog and promote my business?” he asked.

Local events, like the community’s “woof club” festival, are the best time to put Chloe and her adorable apparel on display, he said.

Feldman has only been an agent since January, and the contacts he’s made through walking Chloe haven’t resulted in any sales yet. But they’ve generated a lot of leads, he said.

He believes the strategy could work well for other agents who specialize in senior communities, where bylaws often prohibit solicitation.

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