6 Tips to Help You Sell This Summer

Summer is well underway, and for those of us in the RE industry, this means it’s time to sell. With an expected influx of buyers determined to purchase a home before schools begin in the fall, prices rising and interest rates dropping, we’re likely to see things pick up significantly this summer, but you can never expect the job to be easy. As always, you need to be on you’re A-game if you want to close the deal, so to help sharpen your skills, try out a few of these great summer selling tips:
Mow the Lawn Twice a Week
Don’t ask me why but grass grows faster in the summer. Don’t explain it to me, either, because I don’t want to think about photosynthesis or chlorophyll. Your hair grows faster in the summer, too. Every other lawn cutting, try mowing on the diagonal to add dimension and curb appeal.

Bring the Light Inside
If you have heavy drapes, remove them. They tend to make rooms look smaller anyway by encroaching on space. Pull all your blinds to the top and tape the strings underneath. Consider tie-backs if you don’t already have them for holding open lighter drapes / curtains. The only time you would leave blinds closed is if there was an undesirable element on the other side of the window, i.e. a neighbor’s trash can, and even then, open them slightly.

Go With the Flow of Summer
Due to daylight savings in most states, it stays light outside longer. Some people like to skip out of work early on a Friday. You might find buyers are more interested in touring your home in twilight hours, just after the dinner hour.

Move the Home Outside
Where I live, in Sacramento, it doesn’t rain in the summer. We can move perfectly good living room furniture to the back yard. Not only does moving out furniture free up more room inside the home, but it creates an outdoor living space with items you already own. It’s an illusion created for a buyer that says yes, you can own this lifestyle, too.

Supply Summer Treats and Drinks
For me, in California, summer means red-and-white checkered tablecloths, potato salad, hot dogs and mustard and roasted corn-on-the-cob. Every part of the country has its own summer food traditions. In Maine, summer might mean juicy blueberries and clams. Fill the sink with ice cubes and chill bottled water for guests.

Control the Air Temperature
The only thing worse than a stuffy room on a hot day is a hot room. Circulate air. Even if you have to place floor fans about the home, keep the air moving. Turn down the AC to a notch below your comfort zone if the air outside is hotter than your comfort zone. Not so cold that your visitor’s arm hair stands up. But chilly enough that they don’t want to go back outside.

What are your best summer selling tips? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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