6 Things Home Listings Should Include

Promoting the best image of a home is one of the most important challenges any RE agent faces in the listing process. Correctly choosing the right words for your description can make a big difference in how long it takes for a home to sell and how much a seller can get for the property. Agents must find the right balance between descriptive phrases packing a potent punch and over exaggerating.

MSN Real Estate asked top agents to pinpoint the six elements of a good listing, as well as the things that are better left unsaid. Here, in no particular order, are their tips:

1. HighligHome-Selling-Tips-1ht unseen amenities. The data fields on a listing can tell you how many bedrooms and bathrooms a house has, but they won’t tell you the whole story. Neither will the photos, agents say.

2. Be specific. You don’t just want to just say “beautiful remodeled kitchen” in a property description. Instead, point out features and brands that prospective buyers covet, says Don Moore of Better Homes & Gardens Tech Valley in Albany, N.Y.

3. Use the right adjectives. Too much fluff can be off-putting, Johnson says, so use descriptors sparingly. And choose the words that pack the most punch.

4. Good grammar is mandatory. Bad spelling and grammar can be as big a deterrent as hokey copy. It sends the message that a seller doesn’t have good agent representation. If an agent can’t take the time to spell-check the listing, what other corners is that agent going to cut?

5. Provide motivation. A psychology major in college, Johnson says that sometimes stating something is enough to make a large number of people believe it’s true. And that goes for pronouncements on pricing.

6. Tout lifestyle. Buyers are also motivated by emotion. A home is a place where they will create memories. So give them a hint about what those memories might be. How will they enjoy the home and its features? Edwards suggests: “Relax with a glass of wine on the custom deck overlooking the well landscaped backyard” or “entertain friends in the gourmet kitchen.” Does it have a front porch? How about “relax with a glass of lemonade on the front porch,” Bare suggests.

Just remember to deliver the biggest selling points of a house in the first couple of lines, whether it’s “tons of storage space” or “beautifully landscaped front yard.”

Do you think any of these suggestions would help with your listing? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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