Top 10 RE-Insider Stories from the Summer of 2014

shutterstock_156791771-300x204As we head into the fall selling season we thought we’d look back at our most popular stories from the summer. Here are our top 10 stories as measured by number of views and comments. Wishing all of you a prosperous fall!

1) Sales Plunge in Southern California

2) Wells Fargo Faces Discriminatory Lending Claims

3) California Broker says: “Disclosure Source (DS) is the Most Unprofessional Company in Real Estate”

4) Can Your Clients Trust First American Title?

5) Understanding the “Stiff” rules of a Probate Sale with Court Confirmation. There are many surprises

6) Breaking News: Zillow Buys Trulia in $3.5 Billion Acquisition

7) California Housing Inventory Skyrockets
8) Who Needs a C.L.U.E.?

9) When is Disclosure too Little, too Much or Just Right?

10) Do You Sell Haunted Homes?

What was your favorite story this summer? We’ll like to hear from you!