5 Tips for Selling This Fall

The heat is dying down, kids are going back to school, and fall is in the air. Sure, autumn can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year, but if you’re like me – and the characters from Game of Thrones – the fall can also be one of the most stressful times of year. Why? Winter is coming…
With winter on the horizon, the market will soon begin to cool with the weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to capitalize on the remainder of the year, or the beginning of 2015. To make the most of this time though, it’s important that those of us dealing in RE take a moment to take a moment to construct a plan of action for the following months – but what can you do? For those of you who aren’t sure where to start – or just want some additional pointers – try out a few of these great fall selling tips!

1. Mark Oct. 23 on your calendar
On Oct. 23, the National Association of Realtors will be taking sign-ups that will allow you to use a .Realtor extension as opposed to a .com or .net extension for your personal website. While you will definitely want to grab “your name.Realtor,” the NAR video indicates that you can purchase more than one domain.

2. Get a jump on your business plan
Would you believe that approximately 90 percent of all agents lack a business plan?
Some experts suggest that you devote 90 percent of your time to prospecting for more clients like the ones you have already attracted, paying special attention to the activities that generated those leads. Also, make staying in contact with past clients a top priority.

3. Capitalize on the “three season punch” for evergreen marketing materials
Whether it’s a single flaming sycamore tree in the local park or a beautiful mountain panorama, these types of photos and videos are “evergreen” in that they can be used for many years in your print, online and social media marketing campaigns.
The great thing about the late summer/early fall is that you can capture three seasons in less than 90 days.

4. Five holidays in eight weeks — take advantage of them
Does your local area have a pumpkin patch, Halloween carnival or haunted house? Does your local area have a Veterans Day parade? Do the homeowners in your market area have a competition for the homes or blocks with the best holiday decorations? If so, be sure to take as many photos and videos as possible. If you are holding open house, use these holidays as a theme for your open houses. You can also use the pictures and videos in both your online and offline marketing campaigns.

5. Make time to give back
Anytime is a good time to give back to others. To illustrate how this can help grow your business, an agent wasn’t getting the results he wanted from his SEO marketing campaign. He decided to take that money and contribute it to a local food bank. He also took his daughter to volunteer at the food bank every Saturday afternoon. During this time, his business increased by 15 percent.

Do you have any other tips for selling this fall? What are your thoughts?

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