Retraction: Article Criticizing DisclosureSave NHD Report

On September 23, 2014, RE-Insider published an article on this website entitled “DisclosureSave NHD Report Cost Home Seller More Than $620,000 and Bankruptcy.” The article concerned the outcome of a lawsuit brought against a real estate seller, Ms. Ziba Sohaei, and other defendants, by the buyer, Ms. Elaine Bandalin. The piece was based upon information provided to RE-Insider by Ms. Sohaei and our review of certain court records in the case.

RE-Insider has made a further investigation of the facts of this lawsuit. We have learned that, according to information provided by DisclosureSave, the DisclosureSave NHD report referenced in our article was fully compliant with all applicable California statutes and regulations and all other legal requirements applicable to NHD reports in California. We have also learned, again from information provided by DisclosureSave, that the judgment for damages that was obtained by Ms. Bandalin against Ms. Sohaei, and the petition in bankruptcy that Ms. Sohaei filed in connection with the Bandalin lawsuit, was not based on or otherwise caused by the DisclosureSave Report.

In light of this information received from DisclosureSave, we apologize to DisclosureSave for any negative implication about the quality or sufficiency of NHD reports prepared by DisclosureSave that our article may have created.