Tinder for Real Estate?

Though the RE market has remained cool throughout most of 2014, the smartphone app market has been red hot. 2014 has blessed us with innovations such as “Curb Call”, the Uber-like smartphone app to locate close by realtors, and “Realync”, a cloud-based video app designed to allow prospective buyers to tour a home remotely. Now there’s a new kid on the block – one which might be the hottest of them all – called “Flip”.

Just recently, real estate app developer Estately has launched “Flip,” a feature that is part of its iPhone app, that lets users weed out listing search results by swiping photos on their touch screens, much as singles may filter out potential mates on the dating app Tinder.


“It’s a lot like dating,” Galen Ward, CEO of Estately, said about Flip. “If you look at the front of the house, and know a little bit about it, you can rule out probably 80 percent of them.”

Users may activate Flip from a traditional search results page and then swipe to trash or save listings. Then, when users return to the traditional search results page, saved listings will appear at the top of the search results page, with the trashed listings buried at the bottom.

Flip also can program instant alerts for properties that a user saves (by swiping) that notify a user anytime a home’s price or status changes.

Will other real estate apps jump on the Tinder bandwagon?

If the “swipe interface” is as suitable to listing search as Ward says it is, perhaps they ought to. Ward said in a statement that “flipping is the modern news feed” and that swipe interfaces are “easy to use and intuitive” for buyers.

“They help people quickly narrow down an overwhelming list to find their dream home,” he said in a statement.

Do you think Tinder-like apps such as Flip are the next big thing for real estate? What are your thoughts?

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