5 Tips to Help You Survive this Winter

Selling during the winter months is often seen as a struggle – when both inventory and demand decline into what could be considered a deep hibernation. Whether it’s due to shorter days, crummier weather or just an unwillingness to change their child’s school mid-way through the year, there’s no denying that buyers seem to disappear during the winter season. Fortunately for you, this doesn’t mean that your business has to suffer. In fact, what’s traditionally considered a “slump” season could prove itself imperative to your business’s success – so to help you make the most of this winter, take a look at these five great tips!

  1. Keep it cozy

During the colder months, stepping into a warm, cozy home can bring sighs of relief from prospective home buyers. On the other hand, keeping a home drafty and cold home can be one of the quickest ways to send a prospect packing. To remedy this, keep the house well heated, seal off windows and the cracks of unused doors and keep the blinds open to let in the natural light and warmth.

  1. Maximize your lighting

With the days getting shorter and nights getting darker, lighting is becoming more and more important. For one, safety is always a concern, so it’s important that you keep the driveway and walkways well lit for your clients. Keeping the house well lit – both inside and out – will also help show off the home’s most attractive features, all while giving off the inviting feel you want.

  1. Take advantage of the holiday season with winter décor

No, I don’t suggest that you try to outdo the Griswold family in Christmas Vacation – in fact this would probably kill any buyer interest instantly – but tasteful winter and holiday decorations are often seen as welcoming. Try hanging a simple wreath on the front door, subtle holiday lights on the bushes out front or a lightly scented holiday candle. Remember to keep decorations appealing to all prospective buyers.

  1. Capitalize on a smaller inventory

It’s typical for inventory to shrink during the winter months, but this doesn’t have to stop your business from thriving. Take advantage of this smaller inventory by giving your listing a comparative advantage. Take a look at the competition and come up with a list features that are unique to your home or cannot be beat by others.

  1. Never give up, never surrender

Having the right mentality is crucial for selling during any month, but especially during winter. Why? Many agents and brokers hold the perception that winter is a “slump” season too close to heart. In reality, the exact opposite may be true. According to a study from Redfin, homes sold during winter months are more likely to be sold within 6 months of listing, have a lower sale-to-list price ratio and spend less days on the market on average than those sold during the spring, summer or fall.

Do you have any other tips to suggest? We’d love to hear from you.