8 Ways to Improve Your Listing

If you’ve ever had a property sit on the market longer than expected you know what it’s like to ask yourself, “Have I done something wrong here?”  Prices may have gone up or down in your area or interest rates might have changed since the original listing date but here are a few simple ideas that might either get you more exposure on the property or make changes to improve interest in the property.

  1.  Get a second set of eyes on the property. A few changes to the staging might interest a different set of buyers. Are there seasonal decorations that mighanimated-estately-flipt warm up the home?
  2. Include photos of the neighborhood. With most MLSs allowing over 25 photos, why not include a few neighborhood photos to give prospective buyers a sense of the surrounding neighborhood.
  3. Make sure your property photos are high quality. High quality, well framed photos of the property can improve your chances of additional showing.
  4. Consider rewriting the property description. Have fun with it and do more than just list the property details.
  5. Swap out the main photo regularly. Not all photos are created equal. One photo of the property might not appeal to an agent or prospective buyer but a different one just might get them interested in a showing.
  6. Try Craigslist. List the property on Craigslist every few days and keep changing the ad. You might be surprised to know that many people still look for homes on Craigslist.
  7. Improve curb appeal. Try decorating the outside of the house with seasonal items. Don’t be afraid to go for it so that people will stop and notice.
  8. Reset seller expectations. If the market really has changed significantly it might be time to revisit the listing price. Make sure your buyer is aware of any and all relevant changes in the market since the initial listing date.

Do you have any other suggestions or tips on how to improve your listings? We’d love to hear from you!