New Virtual Tour Technology Could Impact Your Business

Years ago, virtual tours became a staple for our listings and business – offering buyers across the state, country and world an opportunity to view a potential home from the comfort of their own couch. Since their adoption into real estate though, virtual tours have become somewhat routine – a norm that is often expected when marketing a home and lacks the “wow” factor they once held, but this is changing. Recently, one company developed game-changing software that could forever influence consumer demand when searching for homes online, leading many agents to wonder whether this is the next big thing in real estate, or a fad that will fade over the coming months.

Companies like VirtualTourCafe have been offering real estate virtual tours for many years, so what is so unique about this new technology? The difference is that the new camera is able to create 3-D virtual tours of homes by using proprietary software and hardware that produces a doll-house view of the home, as well as a walk-through view and floor plan by using a series of 3-D cameras and sensors to record and measure interior rooms.

Being the first national virtual tour service to incorporate the 3-D modeling technology into the real estate virtual tours theme with agent and broker branding, VirtualTourCafe offers home owners and real estate agents an alternative to the traditional open house. And with international buyers making up 20 to even 30% of home purchases according to the National Association of Realtors®, this can be a game-changer for many real estate agents and Brokers.

VirtualTourCafe launched the new 3D Walkthrough Home Tour service in the San Francisco Bay Area to a great reception by both the real estate community and home owners with plans to expand as the technology gains acceptance.

“Our sellers were extremely impressed with the doll-house view of the 3-D Walkthrough Home Tour and said they had never seen anything like it before. They are a busy family with 3 small kids and we had to make the showings worth them all having to leave the home, yet making sure the floorplan worked for clients and giving them the easy access to a virtual 3D open house made it that much easier on everyone,” said Tammy Pryor of Legacy Real Estate.

Do you think this new 3-D virtual tour technology will become the precedent for all virtual tours in upcoming months and years? By not using this technology, do you think your business will suffer? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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