Can Drones Make a Difference in Real Estate?

We’ve all seen drones in the news being used in battle situations and they are popping up in movies and on TV.  One day they might deliver packages to our doorstep from Amazon — but do they have a role to play in selling real estate?

Not so long ago, it seems like drones were only to be seen on silver screens and to be read in paperback novels hinged to the ideas of some science fiction authors such as Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy. But nowadays, drones can be seen almost everywhere. From their first use in government and military missions to social media and connectivity usage, drones have truly made their presence felt in the human world.

Now drones are being utilized in the real estate industry as a tool in promoting properties. Different types of drones are being employed in the process of marketing properties being sold or auctioned. But the standout and the most convenient ones are the aerial drones which by function do not only take photos but also record videos definitely are useful for media or sales presentations.

This alternative is seen to be cheaper compared to the use of other traditional methods, such as the use of choppers or even small planes for aerial photo-shoots. Drones will not only cut down the budget for fuel and other related costs generating factors for gathering data or images, but it would likewise lessen the effort of the realtor or agent.

Though strict restrictions are being implemented on individuals using drones, this will not stop agents and other individuals from acquiring and utilizing drones, for commercial and personal use.

What do you think about using drones in real estate?  We’d love to hear from you.

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