Is Premier NHD Really an NHD Company?

What was it about Premier NHD that grabbed our attention? While performing our research, we noticed a few striking similarities between the DisclosureSave and Premier NHD websites. During our investigation we discovered the websites only differed slightly from one another. As I write this article, the two websites display nearly identical layouts, button and logo positions, and even share an almost verbatim FAQ section – the only difference being company names and a difference in fees. DisclosureSave charges $95 for their “Platinum Report” (NHD & Environmental), while Premier NHD charges $135 for the same “Residential Premier” (NHD & Environmental) report.  

Below please see images taken from the DisclosureSave and the Premier NHD websites:

The “Useful Links” sections are almost exactly the same:


What’s even more puzzling is why the Premier NHD website has the line “DisclosureSave offers three versions of our natural hazard disclosure report at competitive prices” in its website description when you search for the term “Premier Natural Hazard Disclosure” on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Here is the Google search result:

To us, Premier NHD’s website seems to have been created with assistance and/or consent from DisclosureSave.

If Premier NHD is in fact white-labeling its services to real estate agents, does this constitute an illegal referral fee and therefore a RESPA violation? We have attempted to contact both Premier NHD and DisclosureSave without success so we can’t be certain about how these programs have been established or function, but we certainly think real estate agents referring Premier NHD reports to their clients have the right to know the facts – especially if it may be a RESPA violation.

Have you or someone you know been contacted by an NHD company to offer a program similar to what we’ve discussed here? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

As we learn more, you will too.