Trying to Herd the LA RAMS into Big Houses

The LA Rams are new in town, and have already been embraced by a city that hasn’t had an NFL football team for over 20 years. The excitement is real, and so is the need for all 100 plus players and coaches to find places to live in the area, which means business for agents like Ed Kaminsky.

Los Angeles-area real estate agent Ed Kaminsky has been feverishly calling anyone he might know who has an in with a Rams player or two.

“I’ve been on the phone with the Rams’ offices, sports agents, business managers, players, players that aren’t on the team but that have relationships with players on the team,” he said.

Like other agents trying to land new clients ever since the Rams return to Los Angeles became official, he hopes all the dialing will lead to return calls from the dozens of players, coaches and executives who will be looking for a place to live before the 2016 season kicks off.

Kaminsky is one of a handful of such agents in town who specialize in working with professional athletes, helping them find new digs as they move from team to team. All are competing to lock down part of the bonanza that comes with the relocation of an entire NFL organization.

“You’ve got your 53-man roster, plus coaches, assistant coaches. We’ll have 100-plus people looking for homes,” said Kofi Nartey, an agent at the Agency, a high-end Beverly Hill real estate firm. “That’s a lot of people looking for places.”

The firm will even be staffing up just to work on Rams relocation projects, helping players hire moving companies, have cars shipped across the country and research local schools, he said.

Some agents started reaching out to their contacts long before NFL owners approved the move from St. Louis.

“Within the last six to eight months we’ve really revved up our conversations,” said Ikem Chukumerije, chief executive of area firm Westside Premier Estates. “It’s all about relationships. If we don’t have connections to a player but someone else does, they get the business.”

That business, at least on the front end, probably won’t be that lucrative. Real estate agents make the big money when clients buy or sell, but most agree that Rams players are more likely to rent than buy.

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