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Quickly becoming a renowned real estate agent, Donnell Williams’ remarkable journey began at a high school career fair in Temple Hills, Maryland. After an internship with a broker that commenced in June 2000, Donnell obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He then went on to receive his real

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Top real estate agent in Illinois Daniela Pagani, a dynamic real estate agent with seven years of experience under her belt, is making waves in the industry. Her passion for real estate was ignited by her own personal experiences with constant relocation due to her husband’s medical career, and her desire to make a difference

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Top real estate agent in New Jersey Cintia D’Urso is a trailblazer in the industry, having started her career at a young age as a secretary at a real estate office. “That’s where my passion for this career started,” she explains. With determination and drive, she earned her license in 2016 and set her sights

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The Jacobs Williamson Chavez Team, a dynamic group of four members, have a thriving real estate partnership that has only grown stronger over time. What started with JoAnn Jacobs joining her husband Tom in the real estate business after a change of heart about moving to New York to explore a career in marketing has

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Dive into the world of real estate with Top real estate agent in Missouri Dawn Riggins, a fourth-generation expert who’s been immersed in the industry since the age of 18. Trading her initial ambition to become a lawyer for her true calling as an agent, Dawn has now been a dedicated real estate professional for

By |2023-05-16T09:52:37-07:00May 14th, 2023|Faces of the Industry|


Kevin Rahmanian of Glendale, California, has built a real estate enterprise by combining his entrepreneurial spirit with an authentic yearning to serve his community. His simple yet effective mantra, “experience & communication equals results,” has fueled his endeavors since the beginning of his career, and he is eager to carry his passion into his new

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Since discovering her passion for real estate, Christine Gianni hasn’t been able to get enough. “Real estate really gets under your skin,” Christine says. “It’s almost like an addiction! Once you help one buyer or seller, you need to do it again! I never thought it would be possible to enjoy real estate as much

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Coming from a background in law as a litigator and then as Corporate Counsel, Anissa Burnley brings dedication, strong negotiation skills, and compassion to the world of real estate. “I first got started in real estate in 2005 when I was deciding to buy my first property,” Anissa recalls. “I had a law degree, so

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Andrew Russell, founder of RCG Mortgage in Hauppauge, New York, fuels his enterprise by combining loan diversity with deep interpersonal relationships, nimble business approaches, and a foundational background in human psychology. “‘Pivot’ is the key word for us right now. I’ve been pivoting since day one, and I’ll never forget how many people around me

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“A Tale of Redemption”Thankfully redemption comes in a multitude of ways. This is a tale where one person found it in real estate. After a series of unfortunate events top real estate agent in Tennessee David Everett lost his health, life long career in music, education and ministry and ultimately his wherewithal for life. He

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