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Whether it’s an outright question or something akin to an assessment, REALTORS® are constantly being evaluated by potential clients looking for the right agent to help them. In a sense, it’s a cerebral game of ‘what sets this REALTOR® apart from the others?’ And agents will be happy to tell you their points of differentiation.

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Continually ranked as one of the best places to live in the country, Fort Collins is a desirable place to call home. Its excellent schools, restaurants, and outdoor activities are unmatched. Top real estate agent Lloyd Smith was drawn to this town in 2009 after resigning from his highly successful corporate career in the Bay

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With a passion for interior decorating and gardening, REALTOR® and broker Annabel Kuppens began her career in real estate eight years ago. As an agent, she focuses on representing buyers and sellers of residential properties in Seattle and surrounding areas such as Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Kirkland, Shoreline and South Snohomish County. Whether you’re looking

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A lifelong resident of Bucks County, Angie Haug has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. She would begin her career in advertising and digital marketing, where she cultivated the business instincts and leadership skills she would later need to excel as a REALTOR. Twenty-three plus years into her real estate career Angie has achieved a ranking

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Using his life experience as a guide to his Real Estate success, Jeff pulls from his experiences as a 12 year U.S. Air Force Veteran, Fleet Manager with AT&T, and being a small business owner of three companies for over 18 years. His business beliefs are rooted in two things, ensuring you can consistently deliver

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Real estate can be a puzzle with all the components it takes to close a deal. Josiah Willis has become masterful at putting the pieces together because he knows his Seattle area market from every angle. He has invested, is in the process of building, and has sold new construction. “So I’ve had a lot

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Personable and committed to providing the best possible service for his clients, Tim Bartlett came into real estate equipped with the people skills he’d honed over 14½ years as a police officer in New Zealand. After making the US his home in 2013, Tim became interested in real estate. “I wanted to be in a

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With a keen eye for detail and a passion for home renovation and landscaping, REALTOR® Shawna Schira-Kroeker always knew that she would love working in real estate. She began in the industry in 2009 and in her first year, she earned a sales award. In every year since then, she’s achieved a Club or Career

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Like most successful real estate agents, Juan Mojica didn’t set out to be in the real estate business. A native New Yorker who grew up in Westchester County, Juan always had an entrepreneurial mindset, selling things online from the time he was in high school. That led him to open his own retail store at

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Frank Ruffo is the Owner/Broker of The Real Estate Group, which was founded in 1988. Frank is a native of San Antonio and has seen the sleepy town of the ’70s grow into one of the top populist cities in America. San Antonio offers the sought after advantages and amenities of a large metropolitan city

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