Faces of the Industry

Insight and perspectives from some of the leaders in California real estate.


Penny Stokes-Hilton turned a lackluster real estate experience into a launchpad for success. When she and her husband decided to move to Florida from England in 2012 and purchase their dream home, she felt that many things could have been handled better. “I found some of the process a little baffling because I was unfamiliar

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Top real estate agent in Northern California Dee Ramirez is one of those lucky people whose career and personal life blend perfectly. After working in the brokerage business, she decided back in 1978 that she wanted to become a realtor. “I didn’t want to be a stockbroker, but I wanted to do something independently. I

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Pamela Jackson’s story began after going through a life-changing divorce after 20 years of marriage. As a devoted mother to three sons, with the oldest being autistic, she knew she needed a career that would offer flexibility and allow her to spend time with her children. That’s when top real estate agent in Louisiana Pamela

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Born from a lineage of real estate prowess, top real estate agent in Florida Julie Lasky-Mueller carries the torch of her family’s legacy with unyielding passion. Her journey in the industry spans over 24 years, with roots tracing back to her Father, a respected accomplished real estate broker. As the founder of The Boutique Real

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Top real estate agent in Southern California Kelly Taing has learned to follow her own instincts. She always loved real estate and wanted to become a realtor. But whenever she mentioned it, people were always telling her why she shouldn’t do it. Too many nights, too uncertain, too many weekends. But after running a successful

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In the unpredictable world of 2008’s real estate market, while on her journey to buy her second home, Nicole Noon experienced firsthand the hurdles that sometimes accompany house hunting. Her own challenges sparked a deep curiosity about the industry, making her aspire to create smoother experiences for others. Once her children were older, Nicole became

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Stepping into the world of real estate after a distinguished 25-year tenure in corporate America, top real estate agent in Georgia Cyndi Williams’ journey is as heartfelt as it is inspiring. Drawn to the industry by childhood memories of her father, a master carpenter, the echo of his passion rang true when Cyndi finally pursued

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