Faces of the Industry

Insight and perspectives from some of the leaders in California real estate.


Chris Switzer had been laid off from her factory job at Campbell Soup when she offered to fill in at her boyfriend Sam’s real estate office doing administrative work. As she started to learn the business, Chris saw an opportunity to pursue a career she’d always been interested in. With Sam’s support, she decided to

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Sherri Murphy always wanted to work in real estate from the time when she helped out on the job site with her homebuilder grandfather and uncle. While she initially considered home-related careers in architecture or interior design, her parents encouraged her to pursue a different career. Through the years, Sherri gained a wealth of experience

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Betsy Breton-Garcia is a personable and communicative real estate agent serving the communities within Winter Park, Orlando, and surrounding cities in central Florida. Known for “exemplifying and exceeding the customer experience,” Betsy regularly goes above and beyond industry expectations to create a supportive environment for clients looking to buy or sell.Betsy shares how she found

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Throughout her life, Melissa Barth has always been passionate about helping others. For years, she would build a successful career as an ambassador for a prominent hotel company; however, when she fell ill due to the long hours and overly demanding workload, she began seeking a new opportunity that still spoke to her entrepreneurial spirit,

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Luiza Nikoghosyan immigrated to the United States at the age of 17 and her interest in real estate began right after she purchased her first home in 2005. Being a first time home buyer with a lack of knowledge in financing and real estate was very challenging and overwhelming. She decided that she wanted to

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Kevin Rahmanian of Glendale, California, has built a real estate enterprise by combining his entrepreneurial spirit with an authentic yearning to serve his community. His simple yet effective mantra, “experience & communication equals results,” has fueled his endeavors since the beginning of his career, and he is eager to carry his passion into his new

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Heidi Choiniere is a breath of fresh air in the real estate business, combining her extensive knowledge of the industry with humor, wit, and a funny, self-deprecating look at the life of a REALTOR®. For instance, take her approach to marketing her listings.“I call it the turkey shoot method. I throw everything out there,” Heidi

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Shemeika Fox got started in real estate when she and her boyfriend (now husband) went through the process of purchasing their first home. After two years and ten offers, the couple finally found their just-right home in 2004. Around the same time, Shemeika was ready to graduate from college and seeking a career path. Since

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Anita Gray of Jacksonville, Florida, combines her passion for community outreach with a refined and systematic approach to marketing to fuel her real estate enterprise in northeast Florida. “I love being able to touch all aspects of society. If there’s a need, and you have a heart for people, then you want to be there.

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When two of her four children were in college and her youngest went to school full time, Paula was ready to head back into the job market. An earlier career in advertising provided a solid background in marketing and customer contact for Paula and a friend suggested she would be an excellent fit for real

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