A challenging home-buying experience as a young adult set the stage for Angelique Ahmad’s inspiring journey to become a Highly-Regarded Real Estate Agent. “I purchased a home and wasn’t happy with my experience,” Angelique explains. “So eventually, my curiosity led me down different rabbit holes and got me to the point of saying, ‘why don’t I help other people with their real estate needs?’” So Angelique earned her real estate license in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. With a client-centric approach, she has become the REALTOR® she always wished she had, relying on a business primarily built on referrals. As a multi-talented professional, Angelique not only handles real estate transactions but also operates a Home Staging Company, Interior Design, and engages in Real Estate Investing alongside her husband. Though she has been working solo for years, Angelique is currently in the process of developing a team, allowing her to bring her wealth of knowledge and experience to every client. Covering the geographic areas of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, she is now a trusted and respected figure in the real estate world. Unwavering in her commitment to her clients, Angelique has truly mastered the art of turning obstacles into opportunities.

Angelique’s unparalleled authenticity is a key factor that sets her apart as a Real Estate Agent. Clients repeatedly express their trust in her, citing their past experiences with other agents where they felt unsure and unsupported. “I take the extra time to make sure they understand the process,” Angelique explains. “I want everyone to be crystal clear about what’s going on and not feel confused.” She consistently treats every client with the same superior service, whether they are purchasing a $700,000 property or a $200,000 property. “I am going to be the best version of myself and show up for everyone,” she says. Angelique prioritizes their goals and goes above and beyond to achieve them. Both buyers and sellers appreciate her honesty, tenacity, and support.

When it comes to marketing her listings, Angelique encompasses both traditional methods and the power of her established network. She has built a strong database over the years which allows her to effectively spread the word about her listings. Her dedication to professionalism has garnered the respect of not only her clients but also her colleagues in the industry.

Community is an integral part of Angelique’s work and life. Every year during the holiday season, she helps provide meals to families during Thanksgiving and partners with the Toys for Tots program to bring joy to children in need. Angelique’s passion for community involvement not only makes a significant impact on those she helps but also teaches her own children the importance of giving back and being grateful for their blessings.

Angelique is grateful for the opportunity to serve others and be a living example for her children. “I just want to continue to be the best that I can be,” she says. “My goal is to be a Blessing to as many people and to Positively impact as many people as I can, in my lifetime.”

For more information about Angelique Ahmad, please call 267-249-5799 or email angeliquesellsrealestate@gmail.com

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