Bea Flores’ journey into real estate began after her experience as a recruiter for Century 21 Brokers in Houston. Her initial role involved showcasing the company’s offerings, conducting career nights across their multiple offices, and offering insights on entering the real estate world. With 18 years of licensing under her belt, Bea transitioned three years ago to establish a brokerage after her daughter became licensed. Today, she nurtures and guides a team of agents for her brokerage, Luxe Living Group, as a Top Agent in Houston, Texas.

Primarily catering to traditional buyers and sellers in Houston, Bea’s niche extends to representing institutional buyers based in Florida for dealings involving property transactions in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. A remarkable 85-90% of her business stems from repeat clients and referrals, attributed to her commitment to client education throughout transactions and her conscientious approach to representing buyers and sellers. Bea ensures transparency at every stage of the process to both seasoned buyers and first-time homeowners, addressing their needs and providing necessary updates. Following her company’s motto, Bea shares, “Luxe Living Group is not just a lifestyle but an experience.” Bea strives to deliver a luxurious experience to her clients, ensuring seamless transactions and relieving clients’ stress by providing them with complete support.

In her efforts to market listings, Bea has embraced Facebook marketing and virtual tours, resulting in an impressive track record. In 2022 alone, she performed 116 transactions in Houston, 154 in Dallas, and 95 in San Antonio. Despite her outstanding achievements, Bea finds the most delight in the processes involved in the home-buying journey. She also calls herself an “educator at heart.” For eight years, she has been teaching real estate licensing courses and finds fulfillment in mentoring agents and guiding clients through their home-buying journey, aiming to accomplish their dreams of finding their dream home.

Actively engaged in her community, Bea contributes significantly to the real estate network in Houston, offering her expertise at Champions Real Estate School. Her passion extends to supporting the Houston SPCA and sharing her compassion for animals. Bea plans to expand her involvement in community initiatives starting in 2024. Recognized for her outstanding production, Bea earned accolades, such as being among the top 25 agents in 2021, 2022 and most recently, ranking among the top five agents by the Houston Business Journal.

As for the future, Bea plans to scale back her personal production to concentrate on the company expansion of her brokerage, understanding the importance of having a knowledgeable, experienced representative for clients seeking representation. Look no further for those seeking a Texan agent defined by integrity—Bea Flores embodies precisely that.

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