In the rolling hills of East Tennessee, Bill Cooley’s transition into real estate was not just a professional move, but a heartwarming family affair, spurred by the guidance of his wife, Pamela Cooley, a respected agent since 1993. After moving from Washington State in 2002 and taking a leap of faith from his career in management, Bill dove headfirst into real estate. Today, he and Pamela have their own group, The Cooley Team, which includes Bill & Pam Cooley, plus Pam’s son Travis Hardy and Bill’s daughter, Gwen Gavin. Serving the serene Loudon County, just 30 miles south of Knoxville, their primary domain is Tellico Village, a designated retirement haven with three fee-less championship golf courses and the breathtaking Tellico Lake reservoir.

In a time when the real estate market is booming, especially in East Tennessee, what sets Bill apart isn’t just his knack for homes, but his genuine, authentic connections. “I’m not just an agent,” he explains. “I’m also everyone’s friend.” He has a particular connection with the retired law enforcement community, having sold to 15-20 officers in the past few years. Bill’s approach is refreshingly honest. He describes himself as a tour guide, enjoying the opportunity to chat with and assist people. Instead of merely closing deals, he encourages clients to “let their hair down” and fully embrace the next chapter of their life. “When they come to Tellico, I tell them they have done their due diligence in life, raised their family, had successful careers, and now it’s their time to enjoy themselves.” Keeping in touch with past clients is an important aspect of his work as well. Bill throws an annual party, creating an atmosphere of gratitude and community, reinforcing the sense that, with Bill, real estate is about people first.

When it comes to marketing listings, Bill believes in a blend of traditional and modern methods. Their broker, Michael Rupert, who once made waves in LA as a marketing genius, plays an instrumental role. Michael’s expertise stretches from working with esteemed brands in the past to currently handling marketing for their agent listings, particularly through significant platforms like Zillow and “90 to 92% of all our marketing is through Zillow and,” Bill explains. In a more traditional vein, Bill has taken to local advertising, sharing, “I also market on billboards in our local area.” Magazines play a role in their strategy as well, with their team currently being featured in the local ‘Neighbors of Tellico Village.’

Looking ahead, Bill and his wife see the horizon of a well-deserved semi-retirement, intending to ease out of the day-to-day grind within the next few years. They’re laying the groundwork for their children to take the lead, ensuring a seamless transition and continued legacy. Bill’s sentiment rings clear: “I’m too blessed to be depressed.” His passion for his work and the joy of working alongside family has made his journey in real estate truly exceptional.

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