Christina Nostro of Palm Harbor, Florida, combines her insider, hometown knowledge with an unparalleled passion for client service to thrive in the booming real estate market in Tampa Bay. “I’ve lived here for so long, no matter what you’re looking for, I can help you find it. And this area is so centrally located – ten minutes in one direction puts you on Honeymoon Island, ten minutes the other way and you’re in Clearwater Beach. That’s why it’s such a hot spot!”

Originally, Christina’s real estate journey began as a mobile mortgage closer and notary: “I realized how exciting that last moment was for people – getting their keys and celebrating. I started to wonder what it would be like at the beginning as well as the end.” While preparing for her license, she was balancing her traveling business with a career leading the client service department (a department created specifically for Christina) at Tampa Bay Downs. Fate forced Christina’s hand when the COVID-19 pandemic caused the track to temporarily close its doors. “I was so used to having a nine-to-five job, I wasn’t sure I could rely solely on real estate. But my mom was so supportive of me, and told me, ‘Chris, if there’s anyone who can do this, you can.’”

Her mother’s encouragement and support helped Christina launch a successful enterprise with Mihara & Associates, Inc. In her first year as a full-time REALTOR®, she cleared $14 million in volume, and is currently on track to break that record in 2022. Her unexpected growth has spurred Christina to recruit her best friend of twenty-five years, Nicole Patterson (who passed her test right before the pandemic), into the industry, and the duo have recently formed the Nostro~Patterson Group within Mihara & Associates, Inc. As a team they handle residential sales and both are in the process of obtaining their commercial real estate license. “I can see us expanding our team – I don’t want to get so big that I miss the personal interactions, because that’s what I live for, but I think a team of ten people would be perfect.”

Christina’s personal touch is the cornerstone of her business, and her foundation is nearly one hundred percent referral based. Her ability to tailor her clients’ experiences in her city keeps them coming back, and in brief moments of respite, she finds time to enjoy herself with friends and family: “When I’m not working (which is very rare these days), I spend a lot of time with my family. I’ve had the same group of friends since I was ten years old and they all live within a five mile radius of me, so we spend most weekends together going to dinner at local restaurants like Casa Ludovico or Pisces, relaxing by the pool, going on the boat or to concerts. I’m a huge rock n’ roll fan!”

Most importantly, after helping her clients actualize their dreams, Christina loves to keep in touch: “I make personal gifts for closing – and send them little reminders of how important their business and friendship is to me by occasionally sending them little notes, small gifts like stress balls, keychains, mini hand sanitizers… I also send gift cards for anniversaries. I hand write them all. It’s not a CRM, it’s me! Well, me and mom. I have the most wonderful mother on the planet – I’m at her house right now, and she’s shaking her head at me – she should probably be on payroll.”

To learn more about Christina Nostro, visit, email [email protected], or call 727-698-0660

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