David Cavalier of Austin, Texas, has perfected a systematic approach to assisting builders and developers who aim to create successful neighborhoods from the ground up. “I just have a passion for real estate and I love helping people. I have a very specific expertise in residential land development. I basically turn farms and ranches into residential subdivisions, and market and sell new construction communities. I’ve been doing this for over thirty-five years, and bringing success and knowledge to my clients is what keeps people coming back.”

Originally, David got started in real estate in 1986 when he was tasked with digitizing an entire office. “I was in the electronics industry,” he recalls, “and I got hired to computerize the office functions of a builder developer in Pennsylvania. I took everything from his file cabinets – from contracts to floorplans – and by doing all of the data entry first hand, I slowly learned how to build a house.” While working on the assignment, David acquired his real estate license and went on to spend the next five years working alongside that very same business in land acquisition, subdivision approvals, project management and sales.

Today, David leads a team of twenty sales agents as the Broker/Owner of the Cavalier Real Estate Group based in Austin, Texas. They average between $50 and $100 million in annual volume (with 2021 being their record setting year at $150 million), and they sport a well diversified set of skills. “Everyone kind of does their own thing as far as specialty,” he exudes. “We all do residential resale, and I specialize in land acquisition, project financing, and subdivision approvals specifically; but we have an agent for anything. Leasing, commercial rentals, office and retail sales, private rentals – we can help anybody who needs to buy or sell real estate in-house.” Independently, David maintains a book of business that is over ninety percent repeat and referral clients, and he regularly hosts luncheons for listing opportunities to stay in touch with the builders and developers who rely on his services.

As he continues to support his regular clients, David is proud to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the agents he mentors (including his twenty-three year old son, Blaise). “I just feel blessed to have this knowledge and experience that I can use to help others be successful in their endeavors. Everything about the real estate industry that I know how to do I’m happy to share.” The Cavalier Real Estate Group Facebook page is a testament to this philosophical cornerstone, and David’s tried-and-true approach to marketing and development has him doubling down on the formula that has brought him continued success: “create communities, develop properties, and help people chase their dreams.”

When he’s not growing his business or assisting his agents, David enjoys spending time with his children, golfing with his friends, and supporting Habitat for Humanity. “Providing housing for people is what we do, so that’s a natural charity for us to champion! We love helping anybody and everybody get into the home of their dreams.”

To learn more about David Cavalier, visit http://www.cavalierrealestategroup.com/, email dpcavalier@earthlink.net, or call 512.656.5787

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