Whether it’s an outright question or something akin to an assessment, REALTORS® are constantly being evaluated by potential clients looking for the right agent to help them. In a sense, it’s a cerebral game of ‘what sets this REALTOR® apart from the others?’ And agents will be happy to tell you their points of differentiation. For Edan Trump, the only person he measures himself against is the one he sees in the mirror each morning.

“There’s just so many great people out there in our industry. I don’t judge myself against other people. I try to look at (potential clients) as ‘Is this the right home for them? If this was my mother, father, or my brother, is this the best decision for them? Or do I feel there might be some issues with this house. So, I approach it like they are my extended family and I’m helping family,” said Edan, who just wrapped up his first year as a REALTOR® in the San Diego area for Team Forss Realty Group, rated the No. 1 agency in California by the Wall Street Journal. “People realize that is how I treat them, and I think that’s a big part of my success. That and market data. The economy that we went through has been so intense. I try to take the emotion and drama out of it and focus on data. We correlate that data and I show that to my clients every 30 days and say, ‘OK this is what’s happening now and here’s what I think is the best way to position you now.’”

In his first full year in the business, after relocating to southern California from Portland, Oregon, where he was an award-winning hair stylist, Edan did just under $6.5 million in transactions. And ‘full year’ is something of a misnomer. He had a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine that sidelined him for more than five months, including two months where he could hardly walk. But now he’s back on his feet, doing what he does best, and you’ll likely catch him at pet-friendly restaurants in the San Diego area such as Notorious Burgers or Beach Plum Kitchen. You’ll also find him in nearby Carlsbad where he spoils his blue Frenchie named Charcoal Charlie with dog food from Carlsbad Pet & Feed, which strives to better the wellbeing of furry family members through informing pet parents about nutritional health. Edan clearly has been doing right by this extended family, which is only natural given his real family’s history.

“My grandfathers on both sides were in construction, my father was in home remodeling and my mother was an interior designer. I grew up in that field. My grandfather on my mom’s side did excavation work at Disney, and my mom designed one of the rooms at the Pentagon,” he said. “My father was the first person to do kitchen resurfacing on cabinets, so I worked the trade shows with him. When I moved from Portland, I knew I loved the home industry, but I didn’t want to restart my salon business and I didn’t want to do kitchen remodeling. It just led me to becoming a real estate agent. Upon discussing a new career with my husband, who happens to be a mortgage underwriter specializing in wealth clients, I decided becoming a REALTOR® was my calling. This additional key knowledge has helped to shape winning transactions.”

Edan, who enjoys animals and loves to take tropical vacations, including building a place in the Caribbean that will become a marine coral restoration center, said his initial anticipation about getting into real estate has shaped his future.

“Originally I thought I just want to sell a couple of luxury homes a year and make some money,” he said, noting that he hired a real estate coach for advice on growing his business. “In fact, I’m having a hard time keeping up with my customers, so I’ve decided to build my own real estate team who want to give back to our community. Working with me and my team also helps to further cancer research for children, while also providing exciting, positive group activities and opportunities so they may once again do what kids are meant to do – have fun and celebrate life. For every home we sell or buy in 2022 we’ve decided to donate a portion of our professional income to a great cause. So in 2022, we are committed to raising $50,000 for their research, support and dedication.”

For any licensed agents interested in becoming part of Edan Trump’s team or learning more, you are encouraged to reach out to him at at (760) 607-8787 or through email at [email protected].

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