As a two-time national women’s surfing champion, Erica K. Amundson knows a thing or two about the importance of making good choices. In surfing and in life, the difference between success and failure often comes down to knowing which wave to catch.

Take her choice of career. After moving from her home state of Wisconsin and graduating from the University of Hawaii-Hilo with a double bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Natural Science, Erica had planned to go on to attend St. George Veterinary School. But her love for the beauties of Hawaii, together with a deep-rooted fascination with home design, revealed real estate as the right drop-in point for the kind of life she wanted. “I had grown up with family in both construction and real estate, and so had always been interested in the industry, especially new development. Real estate offered me the opportunity to explore that while staying in the place I’d come to love.”

Erica immediately set out to learn her new craft, dedicating a year to an apprenticeship in general construction and obtaining an in-depth experience in the custom design process. In 2017 she got her salesperson license and began working at Savio Realty. That first year proved exciting, allowing her the chance to work with HGTV on a production of “House Hunters.” In 2019 she partnered with Carolyn L. Johnson, a senior agent at the company, under whose mentorship she continued to hone her skills. Over her 4 years with Savio her team has closed around 150 transactions, with her own repeat client and referral business burgeoning in the last two. It’s no mystery what keeps them coming back.

“I genuinely care about people first,” Erica explains. “I think they pick up on that, which makes for a strong initial connection. I’m also a hard worker on their behalf. As a millennial, I’m both outgoing and tech savvy, and can correspond in any way they like. I’m always available.”

That would only be skimming the surface, though. Another of Erica’s great strengths is her passion for learning and her determination to master every aspect of her industry. “As a Realtor, it’s not enough to just be a professional in your own field; you need to have a good working knowledge of the other related industries as well if you’re going to serve your clients effectively. It’s my job to understand their needs and circumstances, and then to help them ask the right questions in order to get them into the right home. They won’t always know what questions to ask. I will.”

Erica uses professional photographers to create videos for her listings, to which she adds compelling descriptions highlighting each property’s most striking features. The listings are then marketed on her MLS, social media sites, and to agents and past clients within her sphere.

Going forward, Erica has plans to one day open her own brokerage, specializing in the development and marketing of sustainable luxury properties. In preparation to that end, she recently sold a studio home of her own design. In April of this year she joined the Kihei Wailani Village development team on a project for workforce housing on the island of Maui. An officially licensed broker now, she’s also attending Hawaii Community College’s Architecture and Design Program—still taking advantage of every opportunity that comes her way, creating a few on her own.

“Being a good Realtor isn’t so different from being a good surfer,” Erica reflects. “It’s about preparation, patience, and then—when tide, wind, and swell align—swift action.”

Contact Erica at 808-765-7800 or email [email protected].

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