Frank Ruffo is the Owner/Broker of The Real Estate Group, which was founded in 1988. Frank is a native of San Antonio and has seen the sleepy town of the ’70s grow into one of the top populist cities in America. San Antonio offers the sought after advantages and amenities of a large metropolitan city but has also been able to maintain a small town, friendly atmosphere. It is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

When Frank made Real Estate his career choice after attending Trinity University where he majored in International Business he knew he did not want nor could he become a “traditional” salesperson. “I did not care for it when a salesperson tried to sway me into a decision by using sales speak.” His laid back personality would just not allow him to be “that guy”. “I knew I wanted to assist and guide them towards their desire and need…buying/selling a home,” Frank laments. He made it his goal to acquire as much knowledge of the Real Estate Industry as possible and to hone those acquired skills to blend them with his laid back personality. He knows what he does for a living is of major consequence in his clients’ lives. Frank stated he can hire talented people to assist him and his client’s needs. He feels his business has grown and prospered because he is the central point of contact with his clients.

As Frank puts it “they came to me because typically they were referred by a past client who had a great/successful experience. I have a responsibility, not because of my fiduciary status but also because it is the right way to treat people. If you want to build long-term relationships in both business as well as friendships you need to put other’s needs and desires above your own.”
Frank believes that “There are many steps in a real estate transaction, whether buying or selling. It can become overwhelming to clients if they are not kept informed and the process is not managed properly. There is much more to a real estate transaction than what most people realize. A knowledgeable and experienced Realtor does not just have to know about Real Estate but must also have empathy for others and be able to listen with their mind and heart, negotiate on their principal’s behalf, and communicate honestly with all participants.”

One of the areas of Real Estate Frank has become an expert in and is most proud of is when a client is both buying a NEW home and also selling their existing house. Coordinating these two is challenging but rewarding. Over the years with the help of a fantastic program called Move Up America (designed by a former on-site counselor), Frank has had the pleasure of working with some of the most popular NEW Home Builders and their On-site counselors in San Antonio and the surrounding communities. This program has helped save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years on the commission costs associated with their existing home.

Frank has helped close thousands of transactions over his 25+ year career. Frank feels the reason the vast amount of his ongoing business comes from past clients is that they know Frank will put their friends, family, and associates’ needs first. One of Frank’s favorite quotes is “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein
When Frank is not assisting his clients with Real Estate transactions, he can be found hiking and enjoying the beauty and serenity he finds in Nature. Frank believes in keeping a balance in his life and recalls the wisdom relayed from the book by Spencer Johnson, M.D. called The Present… Be in the Present – Learn from the Past – Plan for the Future.

For more information about Frank Ruffo, call 210-386-2819 or email [email protected].

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