Graco Funes has the experience, the skillset, the breadth of knowledge, and the dedication to make the mortgage loan process smooth and stress-free for his clients. He began his journey in the industry twenty years ago. “I found great mentorship, and I learned the intricacies of the process,” Graco says. “I learned what it took to close a mortgage loan on the back end, which was an invaluable experience as I moved into the next stage of my career.”

Now a Mortgage Specialist with iLoan in Chicago, Illinois, Graco provides every client with attentive service tailored to their needs. He has earned awards and recognition for his accomplishments, and he is also highly successful within the world of real estate development. As the chief executive officer of Ocarg Development Group, Graco purchases and renovates properties throughout Chicago and its suburbs, taking care to pair innovative design with the historic beauty of heritage architecture. With extensive experience with both traditional loans as well as non-conventional varieties, Graco is well-poised to serve a diverse range of clients, from first-time homebuyers to overseas investors. “We offer an assortment of programs for our borrowers,” Graco says. “My title is Mortgage Specialist, and the reason for that is because I specialize in every loan in our industry.”

With his expertise, his depth of knowledge, and his transparent approach, it is no surprise that nearly 100% of Graco’s business stems from repeat clients and referrals. For Graco, availability and honesty are priorities and deeply-held values, earning him a stellar reputation with his referral partners and his clients. “Availability is so important in our industry,” Graco says. “If you don’t pick up your phone on the first ring, you’re doing our business and the clients a disservice. I make myself available 24/7, during vacations, even out in the middle of the ocean when I was on a cruise. I pride myself on my quick response time. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, I’m going to prioritize you and your needs.”

Graco’s commitment to his clients extends to how he keeps in touch. Graco checks in weekly with his referral partners and leverages technology and systems to stay in touch with his growing list of past clientele. As a solo Mortgage Specialist, Graco is regularly closing a high volume on average each year, a testament to his fierce dedication and high standard of professionalism.

For Graco, the greatest satisfaction of his job comes from his ability to navigate challenges on his clients’ behalf. “It’s never boring,” Graco says. “There’s always more to do, more to learn—there’s always a problem to be solved. I thrive on the fast-paced nature of the job. Every loan is different. I like to say that each loan is like a fingerprint, you’ll never get the same two. Every borrower is different, every situation is different. You can’t coast in this business.”

A lifelong resident of Chicago, Graco is dedicated to his community, serving on the Board for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Chicago Walk/Run 5K, a cause close to his heart. He has also served as Board President of A Boy and His Dream, a foundation that gives college scholarships to local high school graduates.

Proud of what he has built, Graco has no plans to slow down. His vision for the future includes building a small team and dedicating himself to mentorship for those at the beginning of exciting careers. “I like working with the up-and-comers,” Graco says. “A lot of people helped me in my career when I was starting out, so it’s important to me to give back to the business in the same way.”

To find out more about Graco Funes, you can contact him by phone at 773-520-4930
or by email at [email protected]

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