Caring and compassionate toward her clients and the world around her, Holly Sanders offers a comprehensive real estate experience from beginning to end. “I don’t only focus on real estate, I am there for my clients through the entire process—before and after,” Holly explains. Before embarking on her real estate career, Holly went to school for psychology. “That translated perfectly to real estate,” she says. “My background helps when I’m working with clients, being empathetic toward them, and being their therapist along the way!” Throughout her 10 years in the business, Holly has always been driven to put her clients first.

A native San Diegan, Holly is an area expert primarily serving San Diego County, as well as Riverside and San Bernardino counties. “I’ve stayed here my whole life because this is such an amazing area. It’s not just the beaches and the weather; we have a very diverse and laid-back culture with its own unique vibe. We are home to huge tech and biotech companies, science and research, and major universities. We have a lot going on here that continues to attract people to San Diego.” Holly’s favorite local businesses include Mostra Coffee, named the rated best micro-roaster in the nation, as well as Spicy House restaurant, located in the city’s lively and diverse Convoy district.

Impressively, 100% of Holly’s business comes from repeat, referral, and sphere of influence. Such a feat stands as a testament to the amazing experience Holly provides. “I constantly check in with my clients, and they become my friends,” she says. “I help them with all their real estate goals, and I take care of them like they’re my family. For me it’s not just real estate, it’s the whole experience.”

When marketing her listings, Holly takes full advantage of digital and social media technology to get the word out. She creates a unique website for every listing, while also relying heavily on social media and word of mouth. “We also get a lot of traffic just within our own brokerage,” Holly says. “We work together as a team, and we all help each other.”

With a son who is on the spectrum, Holly is very involved in the local special needs community, and she offers her assistance to other parents navigating the IEP and public school system. Holly’s other big passion is the environment, and in addition to having her Green designation, she partners with a non-profit to get thousands of trees planted in areas that have been heavily impacted by deforestation. When she is not working or giving back, Holly enjoys spending time with her family, walking on the beach, hiking, and doing anything outdoors.

In the future, Holly says, “I just want to be able to make an impact with every single person I connect with. I don’t want my business to grow so much that I lose that one-on-one connection I have with each client. I don’t want to delegate everything to someone else, because I know that when my clients come to me, they want to work with me.” Most of all, Holly says, “I love the friendships I form and the connections I make with other people. Everyone is so different, but we all connect in some way or another. No matter how different we are, there is always a connection there.”

To find out more about Holly Sanders, you can call her at 858.210.5561 or email at [email protected]. You can find her online at

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