Janene Parham’s journey in real estate was sparked by both her mother’s home purchase and a REALTOR® friend’s influence. This blend of personal and professional inspiration fueled her decision to dive into real estate classes, marking the beginning of a career that would grow into a profound passion. Initially navigating the market solo, Janene recently embraced collaboration, co-founding a team at Red One Realty last year, expanding her reach and impact. Known for her deep commitment to community work, particularly in affordable housing, Janene has become a pivotal figure in various neighborhoods from Reynoldsburg, Whitehall, Franklinton, Linden, Southside, Urbancrest, and Central Ohio areas. Her business thrives on trust and satisfaction, with a staggering 95% of her business stemming from repeat clients and referrals.

Clients consistently return to top real estate agent in Ohio Janene Parham, drawn by her honesty and trustworthiness. She is not just thorough in her work, she takes an educational approach, ensuring her clients are well-informed about the process and potential future prospects, like building generational wealth. Maintaining a close relationship with her buyers and sellers, Janene celebrates milestones like house anniversaries and birthdays. Her personalized approach includes hosting or contributing to housewarming parties, complete with cakes featuring images of their new homes. This attention to detail and celebration of personal moments fosters a deep, lasting bond. “It’s the little things you do that keep that relationship going,” she says. Janene becomes a cherished part of her clients’ lives, often being invited to their family functions.

Her approach to marketing her listings is deeply intertwined with her active involvement in community organizations and events. Janene’s focus is on making homeownership accessible, especially through affordable housing. “A lot of my listings are affordable, where people don’t have to spend four or five hundred thousand for a brand new build,” she explains. This emphasis on affordability opens doors for many who are seeking quality homes without the hefty price tag, catering especially to those with budgets starting around the $150,000 mark. She is a familiar face at numerous local gatherings, from health walks to church events, ensuring her listings reach a wide and diverse audience. “I’m very big on going to different community events…whether it be a New Build seminar or if the church is having something,” she says. A notable aspect of her community work includes supporting various organizations in Columbus, a city where these groups have a significant presence. This approach not only markets her listings effectively but also reinforces her commitment to and connection with the community she serves.

As her career progresses, top real estate agent in Ohio Janene Parham can’t imagine herself in any other field. “It’s rewarding,” she reflects, particularly when helping first-generation homeowners achieve their dreams. This aspect of her career, more than any financial gain, is what she finds most gratifying, exemplified by heartfelt moments like receiving thankful calls on New Year’s Eve from clients. Looking ahead, Janene is focused on expanding her team and mentoring new agents, guiding them through the fluctuating tides of the real estate market. Janene also enjoys spending time with her family and going to sporting events. Janene is a big Ohio State and Bengals fan!

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