John Edwards’ father was a wise, judicious, pragmatic man. Some 30 years ago, when John graduated from Manhattan College, he had his own plan of what he wanted to accomplish, including working in the fashion industry. But when John realized he was ready to settle into a career, it was then, and only then, that his father jumped in to offer his opinion.

“My father said, ‘I didn’t want to interject before but how about I give you some advice now if you’ll consider taking it?’ And I said, ‘Sure dad, what’s your advice?’ He suggested becoming a stockbroker or going into the real estate business, and real estate really clicked with me,” said John, a Bronx, New York-based REALTOR® and the principal at John Edwards Real Estate, Inc. “I used to work with professional photographers and art directors as a professional male model and I was marketing myself, working on commission only, and I did quite well. I was always fascinated with the creativity in fashion, interior design, architecture, and the construction of properties. I also liked when I was a young teenager growing up, we used to go away to the New Jersey Shore and see different houses to rent for the summer, and I liked the REALTORS showing us different properties. So, I can also relate as a client and real estate broker.”

Clearly, John found his niche. With eight agents working for him, John is an expert in the Riverdale area of the Bronx – where he was born – but also operates in other areas of the Bronx, the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, and in nearby Westchester and Rockland counties. Even after three decades, he still welcomes new business thanks to his expertise of the area.

“This is where I’ve been selling real estate for 30 years. This is where I went to school. So, when a family comes to me and they have children, I can tell them about the ways of transportation into the city, the public and private schools, after school programs, restaurants, playgrounds, and houses of worship,” said John, who also has his own construction and renovation business and considers himself ‘one-stop shopping’ thanks to his contacts with real estate attorneys, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, and more. “When I show a property, I know what needs to be done to a house for renovations. Not too many real estate salespersons have that experience I have working in construction and renovation. And I know the market very well.”

When it comes to marketing, John relies on an outside professional photographer but often does the staging of the home himself. He puts the property on a whopping 75 different websites. When he isn’t traveling, reading autobiographies, spending time with his family, and playing sports with his children, he said “I truly enjoy helping people find a home in a job that I don’t even consider to be work and a job”.

“My plans are to continue my life’s passion as a real estate broker; and to do what I’m doing and grow my business. That doesn’t necessarily mean having more agents. I feel at this stage of my life I like to just market myself a little bit better. I like to have my agents that work with me feel good about themselves and that they’re doing well, and that they’re satisfied with what they’re doing,” he said. “If they’re happy, it helps my business to grow. If they’re happy, the people who call John Edwards Real Estate are going to be happy too. So, if my team is happy then I know I’m doing a good job of growing my business.”

You can contact John Edwards by phone at C:718-755-6515 O:929-474-6900 or through email at [email protected] ; John’s website is

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