Like most successful real estate agents, Juan Mojica didn’t set out to be in the real estate business. A native New Yorker who grew up in Westchester County, Juan always had an entrepreneurial mindset, selling things online from the time he was in high school. That led him to open his own retail store at the age of 19, which he operated successfully for several years. In 2010 Juan responded to a creative ad online offering an opportunity with Rapid Realty in Brooklyn. But those first few years in a commission—only career proved to be difficult so Juan took on the role of leasing agent for a property management company. “That job really honed my skills,” said Juan, “and definitely gave me the structure I needed at the time. I have worked with a lot of different landlords there and the experience gave me a true understanding of the market and the nuances of different communities, neighborhoods and buildings.”

Juan, who is with VORO NYC, has worked extensively in all five boroughs of New York City but now specializes in working with buyers, sellers and renters in the Bronx and Westchester County. He is in the process of building his own team under the moniker, ‘Making the Move NYC’. Juan also just obtained his real estate license in Connecticut and hopes to expand into that market in the coming months and years. “Real estate is a great business,” he says with characteristic enthusiasm. “I love that feeling I get when I am able to put people into that perfect home or apartment.”

According to Juan, the Bronx is the hidden gem of New York City real estate, which explains his decision to specialize in that submarket. “The Bronx is just a really special place,” says Juan. “We have Pelham Park, which at three times the size of Central Park is the largest park in New York City. There is the Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium and the New York Botanical Garden. But from a real estate perspective,” he added, “we have a number of wonderful neighborhoods, many of which are experiencing a regentrification. I think my personal favorite is probably Little Italy.”

Being in the real estate business has allowed Juan to see things in a different light. “I really notice now how neighborhoods and communities have a certain character to them,” he said. That insight helps him match clients with the right home. “My clients really appreciate my great work ethic,” he added. “When I start a task I finish it. Nothing is going to keep me from getting the job done” That likely explains why Juan is able to count on about 50% of his business coming from referrals and repeat clients. To maintain those relationships, Juan reaches out to clients on most holidays and when there are special events in their area. He also makes extensive use of social media. But at the end of the day, he much prefers one-on-one whether that be by telephone, email or an in person visit.

Ask Juan about how he likes to spend his non-work hours and the dedicated professional is likely to steer the conversation right back to real estate. After all, he is busy building a team and expanding into a new state. When pressed on the topic, however, Juan acknowledges that he is quite the foodie, so he enjoys exploring all of the wonderful dining options in the city. To balance that love of food, he hits the gym on a regular basis. He also enjoys traveling with his wife when his schedule permits. But for now his plate is full as he continues to build his successful real estate business. His latest venture? Juan is investing in short term rentals in the resort area of Catskill, New York.

You can contact Juan Mojica at [email protected] or by calling 347-435-8069

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